Geek Love

Geek Love: An Anthology of Full Frontal Nerdity

Edited by Shanna Germain and Janine Ashbless

Cover art by Galen Dara

An anthology of geeky erotic art and fiction, coming in November, 2012


Do you have the hots for that uber-sexy IT chick who knows exactly how to turn your computer on? Do you find a mad scientist’s lab a sexier setting than the bridal suite at the Ritz? Do you take tours through the natural history museum just so you can watch the tour guide talk about the hardness of perfectly preserved dino bones? Know how to twiddle a game controller with the best of them? Then you’ll love Geek Love. Geek Love will be a collection that celebrates geekdom in all its erotic, smart, hot-as-an-exploding-chem-lab ways. Think smart and sexy, girls with glasses, boys with brains, computers with all the right hardware.

We have a kick-ass team putting this collection together, full of skilled editors, planning gurus, artists and promotional rockstars, including Galen Dara, Jaym Gates, Janine Ashbless, Adam Israel and Shanna Germain.

This will be a Kickstarter Project, and the funds will be used to pay the writers and artists, to produce the full-color ebook, and to promote the collection. If we receive additional funds (and we absolutely believe we will), that money will be used to offer a print version of the collection.

The Kickstarter will launch in September, after we have assembled a tentative table of contents. The invitations are out now, and we are already hearing from a number of fantastic authors and artists. We are working on reward tiers and expansion packages while we wait for the submissions to roll in.

In the meantime, we’d love some feedback from you! What sort of rewards would tempt you? What kind of geeky erotica have you always wanted, but never been able to find? Let us know!

Do you have a sexy, geeky story to tell? We’ll have an open submission period in August. Give us characters who are smart, nerdy and wordy — whether they’re playing Doctor or petting Schrödinger’s pussy! Bring us your mad (and sane) scientists, your grammar nerds and your nerdy grandmas, your role players and cos-players, your freaks and geeks, your goggles and gears.

We would also like to put together a street team of people who would be willing to take flyers highlighting the project to their local cons and comic book shops. The street team will get a limited-edition reward not offered to any Kickstarter backers.

The team can be reached at, or found on Pinterest at or Twitter @GeekLoveAntho.


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